Sep 21st


Advantages and disadvantages of portable electrocardiographs with a limited number of leads: for which tasks to use them?

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Chaikovsky I.A.

International Research and Training Center of Information Technologies and Systems NAS and MES of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Resume. Stages of development of diagnostic tools designed for individual use outside the doctor's office are considered. Particular attention is paid miniature ECG software and hardware systems. We describe the main types of such complexes, offered their classification. Based on the own experience disputed issues related to the optimal scope of such complexes, necessary restrictions, especially regarding cardiac screening, the main areas for improvement as well as the social value of these diagnostic systems, their impact on the emancipation of the patients.

Keywords: electrocardiography, miniaturized hardware and software complexes, home medicine, emancipation of patients, screening, «Fazagraf», «KardioplyusP6».